Reading culture for a sustainable and inclusive future

Commissione europea, Cluster Eunic Finland, Istituto italiano di cultura Helsinki

DINTORNI Internazionali Goal11 Goal16

Monday 18 October 2021 h. 16:00-18:00


Join our prominent panellists when we discuss:

  • how can the reading culture help shape the future of living?
  • what can we do to strengthen cultural collaboration across borders?
  • which major obstacles does the cultural sector need to overcome?

As part of the Europe readr project, the Embassy of Slovenia to Finland and the Representation of the European commission in cooperation with the Eunic cluster Finland organize a panel discussion on our reading culture and the future of sustainable and quality living.

Opening remarks:

Edvin Skrt, ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Finland

Riitta Kaivosoja, director general, ministry of Education and culture

Moderator: Maria Kokkonen, acting head of the European commission representation in Finland


Andreas Jungwirth, author and actor

Charlotte Nyholm, architect, member of Vapaa Collective

Kaarina Kaikkonen, sculptor, painter, installation artist

Matti Kuittinen, senior specialist at the ministry of the Environment of Finland

Samu Eeve, information specialist, Oodi Central library


Biblioteca Oodi, Töölönlahdenkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki